Los Angeles native Zach Zimmerman curates indie pop/rock feel-good tunes for the music lover’s soul. Zach’s personal messages within his songs encompass the experiences of life that we all can relate to in some shape or form. His purpose as a musician is to bring a new shed of light, love and growth from the experiences of the youthful generation today. Zach continues to push boundaries on other current singer/songwriters by combining bluesy guitar licks, memorable melodies, and distinct rhythms.

           A recent graduate from USC, Zach earned his bachelor's of science in real estate development with cum laude honors. While fulfilling one part of his education, Zach felt  his artistic side withering, so he decided to transition his childhood hobby of playing the guitar into something legitimate mid-way through his sophomore year of college. Zach dreamed of owning the stage as soon as he saw one of his greatest musical inspirations, John Mayer, performing at the Hollywood Bowl when he was only 16 years old.

Zach’s musical influences capture an array of brilliant artists, ranging the entire singer/songwriter spectrum. From The Beatles to James Bay, Coldplay, Gavin DeGraw, and of course John Mayer, Zach’s influences can be individually picked out of his music with extreme certainty. Zach’s multi-genre musical taste allows him to explore realms in between genre boundaries, and because of that he’s been able to create fusions of the ordinary- truly something original. Although Zach grew up listening to mostly classic rock, jazz and pop, he’s grown an appreciation for a raw sound that utilizes vocals as their own instrument. Inspirations for his songs come spontaneously throughout his days, either as parcels of lyrics or a looping melody that gets stuck in his head. Zach’s debut album, Growing Pains, is a shared a memoir of an extreme period of personal growth, how he struggled with coping, and ultimately, how he managed to arrive at a point of enlightenment.